The archetype of the strong African woman standing as an unmoving pillar of her community is one that transcends national borders on the African continent. While in the past, this image often…

Nayé Bathily |

The area around Lake Chad, a large transboundary lake shared by Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria in West and Central Africa, is bearing the double burden of climate change and forced…

Johanna Damboeck, Nicolas Perrin, Benjamin Burckhart, Aly Rahim |

With the current flu season predicted to be especially severe, as well the recent coronavirus outbreak, people are rightfully concerned about their health. From flu shots to face masks, many are…

Haruna Kashiwase |

Unsolicited proposals are common, particularly in developing countries where governments are flooded with them. But they can be tricky: governments don’t want to miss out on a good idea from an…

Jeff Delmon |

Every country builds and maintains its roads, following procurement regulations to award contracts to private construction companies. Some countries do it in a more timely manner than others.

Erica Bosio, Simeon Djankov |

Korea intends to capture US$152 billion in economic output and create 600,000 jobs by 2026. What can the international development community learn from this?

Je Myung Ryu, Kay Kim, Audrey Sunhwa Oh |

Sampled social networks and household surveys

Florence Kondylis, John Loeser |

Each previous industrial revolution brought with it new technologies and tools to radically transform society at large, including the way we produce and consume food. But while many in Africa are…

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Did you know that a major share of infrastructure, population and economic activities in Seychelles is located in a small strip of coastal zone that is vulnerable to climate risks?

Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Brenden Jongman |

Women in every part of the world are paid less than men solely because of their gender. Recent estimates indicate that globally, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. One of the…

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