Sustainable policy is driven by lessons learned from the past. To learn, people, nations, and global societies need reliable measures of progress.

Pierella Paci, Utz Pape |

Digital investments in government operations not only make them more efficient, but they also increase preparedness for emergencies, whether related to public health, climate, fragility, or trade…

Nadir Mohammed, Jens Kromann Kristensen, Emily Kallaur, Stephen Davenport |

Digital financial services are one way to help families manage school fee payments so they can keep their children in school.

Leora Klapper, Mansi Vipin Panchamia |

Aluminum is critical for the energy transition, powering many low-carbon technologies such as wind turbines, batteries, electrolyzers for renewable hydrogen, carbon storage for low-carbon hydrogen…

Susana Moreira, Timothy Laing, Adriana Unzueta Saavedra |

In Latin America and the Caribbean, one woman dies every hour due to pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium complications.

Bremen de Mucio, Amparo Gordillo-Tobar |

A new study experimentally investigates how the choice of bin width, fitted line, and other attributes affects visual interpretation of regression discontinuity designs.

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The World Bank’s Building the Evidence on Forced Displacement (BEoFD) program aims to expand high-quality policy-relevant research to inform the range of more effective and durable responses in…

Jeni Klugman, Audrey Sacks, Lucia Hanmer, Diana J. Arango |

Strengthening Community Clinics to improve nutrition outcomes in Bangladesh

Wameq Azfar Raza, Deepika Chaudhery, Deepali Hariprasad |

This week's links include pre-doc opportunities at the World Bank and U Chicago, Seinfeld and Planet Money, and more...

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Research shows that although investment in roads contributes to growth in income, the benefits are uneven across locations.

Simon Alder, Kevin Croke, Alice Duhaut, Robert Marty, Ariana Vaisey |