PHC-centered integrated care for an aging population

Xiaohui Hou, Jigyasa Sharma, Sana Haider |

The Journal of Development Economics has had a special category of short papers since December 2020, and received 275 submissions so far. Tom Vogl reflects on what makes a good short paper.

Development Impact Guest Blogger |

Fertilizer prices have risen nearly 30 percent since the start of 2022, following last year’s 80 percent surge. Soaring prices are driven by a confluence of factors, including surging input costs…

John Baffes, Wee Chian Koh |

Combining concessional public funds with commercial funds can be a powerful means to direct more finance toward impactful investments. For blended finance to reach its full potential, stakeholders…

Emelly Mutambatsere, Maud de Vautibault |

Implications of the Ukraine crisis and COVID-19 on the global governance of migration and remittance flows 

Dilip Ratha |

Assessing banking system resilience in emerging and developing economies (EMDEs) is relevant not only for systemic banking sector resilience but also for the key economic function these…

Erik Feyen, Davide S. Mare |

Learn more about the link between gender equality, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, landscapes, and climate change.

Christian Peter, Ezgi Canpolat, Meerim Shakirova |

Investing in human capital in El Salvador: the knowledge currency of the digital economy

Alberto Munoz-Najar, Cristobal Cobo, Inaki Sanchez Ciarrusta |

Open a newspaper and chances are you will find some statistic referring to how the world is fairing: “Global growth is projected to recover”, “the number of refugees worldwide is set to increase…

Daniel Gerszon Mahler, Umar Serajuddin, Hiroko Maeda |

The evidence on female entrepreneurship is emerging but remains limited. This results in an incomplete picture of women’s economic situations across the world

Julia Braunmiller, Frederic Meunier |