While the Philippines has established these comprehensive laws and action plans to address plastic pollution, more effective implementation and stakeholder involvement are necessary to achieve…

Mona Sur, Junu Shrestha, Agnes Balota |

Focusing on Kiribati, Tonga and Vanuatu, in late 2020 the World Bank conducted roughly 450 interviews with temporary migrant workers, their families and communities, and their employers. We…

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Digital public infrastructure can enable essential society-wide functions and services such as identification, payments, and data exchange.

Vyjayanti T Desai, Jonathan Marskell, Georgina Marin, Minita Varghese |

The Metro Manila Flood Management Project is part of a master plan of interventions to improve flood management in the capital of the Philippines. It seeks to rehabilitate worn-out pumping…

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While infrastructure has been perceived as gender-neutral, it can be deeply exclusionary if masculine sensibilities solely determine the design. How can private investors incentivize gender…

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More than ever, governments need to tap private sector expertise and financing for deploying battery energy storage systems (BESS). A new report provides insights on their merits and…

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Enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic labor force is critical for maintaining the FSM’s productivity and inclusive growth.

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The World Bank and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are working together to make a sustainable impact in the Pacific region’s water sector.

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Supporting investments in the childcare and early development can deliver long-term human capital gains for Indonesia's future generations of workers.

Anna O'Donnell |

70% of developing nations have established power sector regulations since 1990s. A strong regulatory regime improves performance, ensures fair prices and good service. However, implementation…

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