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Surveys are expensive.   And, in sub-Saharan Africa in particular, a big part of that cost is logistics – fuel, car-hire and the like.   So with the increasing mobile phone coverage more folks are…

Markus Goldstein |

Fragile and conflict-affected countries are home to about 46% of the world’s extreme poor. The need for support is great in these environments, but ironically, data is scarcer than anywhere else…

Filip Jolevski, Jorge Luis Rodriguez Meza |

As the spread of COVID-19 expands in less developed countries, policymakers will face an additional challenge that was largely absent in more developed economies – the informal sector.

Gemechu Ayana Aga, Filip Jolevski, Silvia Muzi |

Editor's Note: Arvind Jain is a private sector development specialist working on survey implementation in the Enterprise Surveys group. Welcome!

Arvind Jain |

Countries in which firms were surveyed for initial round of “Future of Business Survey” [[tweetable]]Facebook, the OECD and World Bank have just released the “Future of Business Survey”[[/…

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To explore the ramifications of the unprecedented shock of COVID-19 on Albanian firms, the World Bank’s Enterprise Analysis Unit and IFC undertook a survey in June 2020, re-contacting the same…

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The goal of the Enterprise Surveys (ES) is to portray the quality of the business environment in the economy by asking a set of questions that capture both the experiences and perceptions of firms…

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How do firms manage their relationships with other firms? We added new survey questions to the Enterprise Surveys (ES) in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

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Our most requested databases: the Doing Business, Enterprise Surveys, Financial Indicators, Private Investment in Infrastructure Projects

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The World Bank’s Enterprise Survey program is not just about surveying formal firms. In some countries (such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Lao DPR), they now also conduct surveys of informal firm…

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