As the spread of COVID-19 expands in less developed countries, policymakers will face an additional challenge that was largely absent in more developed economies – the informal sector.

Gemechu Ayana Aga, Filip Jolevski, Silvia Muzi |

A World Bank Enterprise Survey conducted in Iraq covering four major cities in the country collects data in order to understand the unique conditions in which informal businesses operate.

Yew Chong Soh, Dalal Moosa |

To explore the ramifications of the unprecedented shock of COVID-19 on Albanian firms, the World Bank’s Enterprise Analysis Unit and IFC undertook a survey in June 2020, re-contacting the same…

Fernando Blanco, Levent Karadayi, Nona Karalashvili, Laureta Qorlazja |

Using the World Bank Enterprise Survey (WBES) panel data on firms before and after the onset of COVID-19 in 16 countries, we present novel evidence on the role of management practices as a…

Arti Grover, Valerie Karplus |

One of the primary goals of the Enterprise Surveys is to provide high quality data about the business environment based on establishments’ actual day-to-day experiences. This provides much needed…

Arvind Jain, Asif Islam |