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Learn how nature-based solutions are increasingly recognized as an essential tool in mitigating disasters and supporting climate resilience.

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Are you paying taxes on sugary drinks? Half of the world's population does and here is why it makes sense

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As we all know, data is a fundamental necessity for evidence-based decision-making. But we have a challenge − women’s status and voice are often not reflected in official statistics. Either…

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Following the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye, the risk of reversing human capital gains and poverty reduction looms large. Yet such a shock has the potential to accelerate Türkiye’s vision to…

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Studying how baseline surveys affect outcomes and experimental treatment effects helps to judge the external validity of results.

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Global poverty estimates were updated today on the Poverty and Inequality Platform (PIP). This update includes new regional poverty aggregates in 2020 and 2021 for Latin America and the Caribbean…

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Social networks can play a crucial role in exposing youth to different opportunities and activities, either socially or professionally.

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Both economic theory and empirical evidence suggest that a refugee crisis can have positive and negative impacts on host communities. While certain groups, such as landlords, entrepreneurs, and…

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Within Pacific communities, vulnerability from climate impacts is also not evenly distributed, with the poorest and most vulnerable, including women, often bearing the most significant burden.

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Burundi, a beautiful land of thousands of collines (hills), is losing its natural capital base at an alarming rate because of climate change. The country is sculpted with lush green hillsides…

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