Helping cities finance sustainable urban development


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Building low-carbon, climate-resilient cities requires large infrastructure investment that often exceeds the financial capacity of cities in the developing world. In this video, Roland White, World Bank Global Lead for City Management, Finance and Governance, elaborates on some of the practical steps cities can take to put their financial house in order and mobilize the funds they need to finance greener urban development.


Roland White

Global Lead for City Management, Finance and Governance

eusebio manuel vestias pecurto
November 04, 2015

The development of new networks of local authorities is important to invest in risk reduction activities and take the agenda of social sustainability and urban drinking water and sanitation Happy Sustainability 2015

Ajay Nair
November 10, 2015

Good to see the World Bank taking initiatives on this key area of Urban Sustainability. It is very timely that you are taking steps to place tangible frameworks on the financial basis of Sustainability related risks and benefits. Having frameworks to streamline the underlying processes, efficiencies and effectiveness with some metrics. If the sustainability projects and processes have measurable outcomes, the financial systems and its market can function more effectively.