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Anatoly Motkin, a technology investor with years of experience in political consulting and media entrepreneurship in the Eurasian region, is Founder and President of StrategEast center for new economy. He began his career as a political consultant both in Israel and Eurasia. He later moved from politics to media, helping to start one of the leading Russian language media companies in Israel. Mr. Motkin has served as an advisor and investor to both the public and private sectors, by successfully backing a number of Israeli IT projects, developed in the High Technologies Park in Belarus.

As his career has shifted over time, Mr. Motkin has consistently shown his dedication to improving business practices and government transparency in the Eurasian region. Mr. Motkin’s extensive background has led him to deepen his focus on reinforcement of the values of rule of law and private property protection in the former Soviet region through the creation of StrategEast.