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Ann Jeannette Glauber

Practice Manager, Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy (East Asia and the Pacific Region)

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Ms. Ann Jeannette (AJ) Glauber is the World Bank’s Singapore-based Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy in East Asia and the Pacific Region. She manages a US$1.3b investment portfolio and 40+ staff working in China, Indonesia, and the Pacific on management of natural resources, air, soil and water pollution, and environmental and social governance. With over 20 years of leadership on global environmental issues in Latin America, Africa and Asia, Ms. Glauber brings experience managing large-scale, innovative programs that emphasize sustainable development, nature-based solutions and climate resilience. Her work with the World Bank has focused on harnessing the value of natural resources for sustainable development, strengthening environmental management systems and institutions, building partnerships with key stakeholders and leveraging financial and knowledge resources to maximize impact on climate, environment and development priorities. She has a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of California (USA) and an MSc in Riparian Ecology from the University of Washington (USA).