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Anupam Joshi

Senior Environmental Specialist

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Anupam is a trained ecologist having wide experience in the fields of ecosystem analysis, biodiversity conservation, protected area management, habitat restoration, impact assessments and evaluations. He received his Ph.D. from University of Delhi in 1997 and since then has worked with the Government of India (Planning Commission), Civil Society, Private Sector (as a freelance environment and management consultant) and with multilateral donor agency (The World Bank – since 1997). Presently, as a Senior Environmental Specialist in the World Bank, Anupam is a Team Leader for managing two complex multi-state projects on Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Improvement spanning a total of 9 Indian States. In addition he is also preparing two GEF funded projects on Improving Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Land Management. He also supports other Bank operations wherein his primary responsibilities include providing environmental safeguard support to ensure that investments are sustainable and do not result in adverse impacts. He has provided technical support in developing a range of research based knowledge products as well as acted as a trainer on various capacity building efforts on environmental and conservation topics. He enjoys traveling and listening to music. He is also a photographer by hobby and has won several awards in the World Bank.