Aurelio Menendez, Practice Manager, Transport, Western Africa and Nigeria, World Bank

Aurelio Menéndez

Practice Manager, Transport, Western Africa and Nigeria

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Since May 2016, as Transport Practice Manager in the Africa Region of the World Bank, Aurelio has directed the World Bank transport program in the East Africa region until October 2018 and since then in the Western Africa region.  Before taking these positions, Aurelio was the Transport Practice Manager for the Latin-America and Caribbean (LAC) Region from May 2009 until May 2016. Before this period, he held the position of Transport Sector Leader at the East-Asia and Pacific Region and of Senior Transport Economist in the LAC Region. Aurelio holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a master’s in Urban Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a Civil Engineering Degree from the Polytechnic University in Madrid, Spain. He is currently based in Dakar, Senegal.