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I am a Colombian psychologist with an MSc in Contemporary Urbanism from the London School of Economics. I focus on urban development, mobility (urban, new mobility and digital technologies), road safety, public health and climate change projects in cities of the developing world. I have supervised, implemented and participated in 100+ technical consultancies in more than 30 cities in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the United States, and have coordinated and delivered more than 70 training courses on these topics. I am also the author of various books, chapters, journal articles and blogposts on key topics of road safety, mobility and urban development. A proud recipient of the Danish Cycling Embassy’s 2018 Leadership Award, and a Distinguished TUMI friend 2019. After working with several NGOs, UN agencies and development banks and coordinating GIZ’s SUTP for Asia and Latin American, I founded (and was its Executive Director from 2011 to 2018). Since 2019, I am a Senior Advisor to New Urban Mobility Alliance. I currently live in Bogotá, Colombia.