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Charlotte de Fontaubert

Global Lead for the Blue Economy, World Bank

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Dr. Charlotte de Fontaubert is Global Lead for the Blue Economy at the World Bank, where she is responsible for guiding the Bank’s transition towards a Blue Economy approach, defined as the sustainable and integrated development of oceanic sectors in healthy oceans. She is also Program Manager for PROBLUE, a Multi-Donor Trust Fund launched in 2018, which aims to identify new ways to finance the transition to a blue economy. As a Senior Fisheries Specialist, she has co-authored some of the Bank’s seminal publications on fisheries and the blue economy, including The Sunken Billions Revisited, a chapter on fisheries and subsidies in The Changing Wealth of Nations, a report on fisheries and climate change and fisheries in Africa, and a report on The Potential of the Blue Economy : Increasing Long-term Benefits of the Sustainable Use of Marine Resources for Small Island Developing States and Coastal Least Developed Countries. Dr. de Fontaubert holds an M.Sc. in Sea-Use Law, Economics and Policy from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. in Marine Studies from the University of Delaware.