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Dino Merotto is a Lead Economist in the Jobs Group at the World Bank. Prior, he was a Lead Economist in the Economic Policy and Department of the World Bank, working extensively as a Senior Country Economist on growth diagnostics, public expenditure analysis and debt sustainability in Uganda, Moldova and Ethiopia. He is a co-author of recent data knowledge tools (BuDDy for business analysis, BOOST for public expenditures, and of the soon to be released PREM debt and macro vulnerability "PRISM").

In 1999 Mr Merotto joined the Bank as an Advisor to the Executive Director for the United Kingdom (IMF/IBRD), and prior to that, he worked in DFID as Country Economist for Ghana, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, and for the Caribbean Region. He began his development career as a Fellow of the UK's Overseas Development Institute in 1989, working in Fiji's Finance Ministry.