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Ditte Fallesen

Senior Operations Officer

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Ditte Fallesen started her carrier at the World Bank in 2007 first in the Post-Conflict Unit and later moved to the Fragile States unit in OPCS, where she worked on the State- and Peace-Building Fund, support for fragile states teams/CMUs and operations and various trainings. In 2010 she joined the Afghanistan CMU in Kabul to manage the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) and the large scale multi-sectoral ARTF third party monitoring program. She was closely involved in the ongoing strategic discussions with government and development partners on how best to position on-budget development financing in the volatile operating environment of Afghanistan in support of both short- and long-term development gains. After 5 years working on Afghanistan, Ditte moved to GSURR, where she joined the South Asia Disaster Risk & Climate Change Unit, continuing her focus on countries affected by fragility issues, including Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan, in areas like community resilience, safer schools, risk financing, hydromet and climate adaptation.