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Ditte Fallesen

Senior Social Development Specialist

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Ditte, a Senior Social Developments Specialist, joined the Bank in 2007 in the then Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries Group in OPCS. In the FCV-unit she worked on various issues related to the Bank’s work in FCV contexts, supporting in particular the State- and Peacebuilding Fund. In 2010 Ditte joined the Afghanistan CMU and relocated to Kabul to manage the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, support the CMU and develop a cross-sectoral third-party monitoring program for the Afghanistan portfolio. In 2015 Ditte joined the SAR Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change team, working on investment projects and ASAs in Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan in areas like community-based DRM, safer schools, risk financing and climate adaptation. While in SAR she led the development of a new regional operation exploring options for an innovative regional model providing support for climate-vulnerable countries in SAR. In 2019 Ditte joined the SSI team in Manila, Philippines, where she supports the National Community Driven Development Project as well as various engagements in the conflict-affected areas of Mindanao. Prior to joining the Bank, Ditte did her master’s in political science from the University of Copenhagen and worked for the Danish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.