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Eliana Cardoso

Former Acting Chief Economist

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Eliana holds a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT and is currently the Chief Economist for the South Asia Region at the World Bank (on leave from the School of Economics at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, where she is a Professor of Economics). A former Professor at the Fletcher School (Tufts University) and a Visiting Professor at MIT, Yale, Georgetown University, and the University of São Paulo.

Eliana has worked twice for the World Bank: once as Lead Economist for China (1993-1995) and later as Sector Manager in Latin America (1998-2000). In between those two assignments, she worked at the Research Department in the IMF and as Secretary for International Affairs at the Ministry of Finance in Brazil. During the last ten years, she wrote weekly opinion pieces for Valor Econômico and a monthly article for O Estado de São Paulo. Her most recent books are Fábulas Econômicas (Pearson, 2006) and Mosaico da Economia (Saraiva, 2009).