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Emanuela Di Gropello

Practice Manager

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Emanuela is currently the Practice Leader for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean. Previously, she was Manager for IEGHC Human Development & Corporate Evaluations and Program Leader for Human Development in the Cameroon/Gabon/Angola/Equatorial Guinea/Sao Tome & Principe CMU and Mali/Niger/Chad/Guinea CMU of the Africa Region. She was also successively Economist, Senior Economist, and Lead Economist in Human Development Departments in the Latin America & Caribbean and the East Asia and Regions. 

Emanuela brings a wealth of operational, analytical and policy experience in education and the broader human development sector, acquired on many different regional and country contexts. She has also published extensively on a variety of development topics, including economics of education, education governance and financing, skills and secondary education.

Emanuela holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Oxford where her research focused on an evaluation of the impact of education decentralization on education quality and equity.