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Emi Suzuki

Demographer, Development Data Group, World Bank

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Emi Suzuki, Ph.D., is a Demographer in the Development Data Group of the World Bank with over 20 years of experience with the Bank’s demographic and health statistics. Her areas of interest are population, demography, health statistics, and global health monitoring. She currently leads the work to produce high-quality population, demographic and health statistics in the World Development Indicators (WDI) and HealthStats. She maintains strong collaborative partnerships with internal and external teams, including the UN Population Division, UNICEF, WHO, academia, and the World Bank’s Health Nutrition Population (HNP) unit, Fragile Conflict & Violence (FCV) unit and their country units. She represents the World Bank in various SDG inter-agency groups in the generation of maternal mortality estimates (SDG 3.1), child mortality estimates (SDG 3.2), and child malnutrition estimates (SDG 2.2) in collaboration with WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, and/or the UN Population Division. She also represents the World Bank in the Expert Group on Refugee, IDP, and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS) jointly with the Fragility Conflict & Violence (FCV) unit. Emi holds a Ph.D. in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her work has been published in academic journals, and she frequently contributes to a World Bank blog on public health issues such as maternal and child mortality, refugee statistics, and various topics in demography.