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Fotini Christia

Associate Professor of Political Science

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Fotini Christia is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her book entitled Alliance Formation in Civil War is forthcoming in 2012 by Cambridge University Press. Fotini has done extensive ethnographic, survey and experimental research in the field addressing the effects of institutions of cooperation in post-conflict, multi-ethnic societies. Findings from her work in Bosnia and Herzegovina appeared in Science and her current collaborative research project is a randomized impact evaluation of a 1 billion dollar community driven development program in Afghanistan, which examines questions on the effects of development aid on local governance and economic well being. She is presently designing a randomized evaluation of the effect of information campaigns on counter-radicalization in Yemen. For her research, Fotini has received support from the International Growth Center, the Russell Sage Foundation, USAID, the UN’s World Food program and the World Bank among others.