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Iftikhar Mostafa

Senior Agriculture Economist

Dr. Iftikhar Mostafa is a Senior Agriculture Economist in the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) Coordination Unit at the World Bank. He has 25 years of experience in food and agriculture, public-private partnership, change management and finance. Dr. Mostafa has worked on agriculture, health, education and infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa, South and South East Asia, Central Asia, and South America. Prior to his current position he was Governance Advisor in the CGIAR Fund Office at the World Bank. He has held senior positions in the Islamic Development Bank and the Australian Government Department of Finance.  He was Executive Manager of Corporate Strategy, Grains Research and Development Corporation in Australia, and served as Co-Chair of the Sustainable Food System working group of the United Nations Zero Hunger Challenge.  As Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance, Dr. Mostafa also taught in the School of Business at Saint Bonaventure University, New York. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University and is an alumnus of the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland.