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James P. Newman

Disaster Risk Management Specialist

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James (Jay) Newman is a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Specialist with GFDRR. He supports the World Bank DRM team in Africa and leads GFDRR’s Resilient Cultural Heritage and Tourism (CHT) program.

Since joining GFDRR in 2013, Newman has served as focal point for urban resilience and regional portfolios in South Asia and East Asia and the Pacific, and coordinator for GFDRR's DRM Hub in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to joining GFDRR, he worked for the City of Baltimore. He has also covered Latin American and Caribbean finance and insurance for a Chilean market intelligence firm.

Studying economics and public policy, Newman has a master’s degree from Georgetown and Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago, Chile and undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis. As an adjunct professor, he has taught urban management, public policy, and statistics at University of Baltimore’s Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) program.