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Ji Liu is a consultant on the World Development Report 2018 team. Ji is a PhD Candidate in Comparative Education and Economics at Columbia University. He is completing his dissertation “Teacher Quality and Occupational Choice: Evidence from China,” which tries to understand how shifts in relative wage distributions influence dynamics of teacher quality, and the relevant consequences on student learning. More broadly, his research interests situate at the intersection of teachers, skills, and the economy; his work has been published on academic journals such as COMPARE, FIRE, CER (Beijing), etc., and included in the Oxford Studies in Comparative Education series. He is co-author of the biography Kuo Ping Wen: Scholar, Statesman, Reformer (San Francisco: Long River Press, 2016), and he co-edited the special volume of Economics of Education in China (Columbia University, 2017). Ji received his B.S. (2013) degree from the University of Kansas, and M.A. (2014) and M.Phil. (2017) degrees from Columbia University.
Twitter: @liuji90