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Jocelyne Jabbour

Procurement Specialist, Governance Global Practice, World Bank

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Jocelyne Jabbour is a Procurement Specialist with the Governance Global Practice in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the World Bank. She has more than ten years’ experience in procurement operations and fiduciary work in Fragile Conflict and Violence (FCV) countries. Jocelyne is leading the Third-Party Monitoring in Iraq and working on several Third-Party Monitoring activities in the pipeline in Lebanon. She is member of the team working on Remote Supervision and Lending solutions in FCV countries at the World Bank and leading the development of a “model” TPMA contract. Jocelyne is a core member of the World Bank COVID-19 response team in MENA. She was also a core member of the recent Beirut Port Explosion Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment and Lebanon Reform, Recovery, and Reconstruction Framework. She has worked on procurement reforms in Lebanon and Iraq and country programs for promoting and facilitating SMEs' Access to Public Contracts in the GCC and MENA. She has worked on the “World Bank Emergency Procurement in Reconstruction and Recovery” toolkit, to facilitate the planning and execution of procurement work under crisis, emergency or capacity constraints. Jocelyne is the MENA Focal Point of the Global International Humanitarian Engineering Partnership (IHEP) initiative responsible for designing innovative tools to ensure enhanced efficiency and transparency in crisis-response humanitarian reconstruction projects.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Jocelyne was a legal and procurement practitioner in the private sector working with the US Army Corps of Engineers. She holds a joint MBA from University of Cumbria in England and Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland, and a Bachelor of Law from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Jocelyne is a Public-Private Partnership Certified Professional.