Julie Rozenberg is a Senior Economist in the office of the Regional Director for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. She focuses on the link between development policy and climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, working with countries on building more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive growth trajectories. She currently coordinates World Bank core diagnostics on development and climate change (CCDRs) in the LAC region, and she recently published a flagship report on resilience in the Caribbean: “360o Resilience: A guide to Prepare the Caribbean to a New Generation of Shocks” which provides a diagnostic and a roadmap for building resilience to climate change in 17 Caribbean countries. 

In previous positions, she contributed to World Bank flagship reports on climate change (“Shockwaves”, “Decarbonizing Development”, “The Adaptation Principles”) and co-led two major reports on infrastructure: “Beyond the Gap: how countries can afford the infrastructure they need while protecting the planet” and “Lifelines: the resilient infrastructure opportunity”. Julie is the author of dozens of research papers, an editor for Wires Climate Change, and a member of the leadership committee of the Society for Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty. Julie Rozenberg holds an engineering degree from ENSTA ParisTech and a PhD in economics from EHESS in Paris.