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Leszek J. Sibilski

Professor of Sociology

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Leszek J. Sibilski is a Professor of Sociology and longtime advocate for issues related to climate change, the environment, family, public policy, global poverty, youth, and role of women in contemporary society. He has served as a consultant for The World Bank Group and the United Nations and he has worked with several other major global organizations to improve the status and plight of athletes with disabilities in developing countries. Dr. Sibilski has also served as the Director for International Affairs for Achilles International in New York City (NGO). In 2007, Dr. Sibilski received the Leo Foley Award for Outstanding Educator at Catholic University of America.
He is a former member of the Polish National Olympic Cycling Team and continues to serve as an active member of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee. His interest and vast knowledge in the area of global sports led to an appointment as a member of the Education Committee for the International Paralympic Committee. In  2010, he took part in the Paralympic Torch Relay for the Winter Paralympic Games in Vancouver, BC. He has attended the Olympic and Paralympic Games in multiple capacities since the 1980 Games in Moscow, and he believes that sport is a major form of social inclusion and civic mobilization. In his work, he has also contributed critical examination and thought to issues related to minority participation in sport. For his service on behalf of athletes with disabilities, Dr. Sibilski received awards from the Mayors of New York City and the City of Boston as well as from the Chinese Federation of Persons with Disabilities.
Dr. Sibilski earned a master’s degree in Education and Sport Science from the Academy of Sport and Physical Education in Poznan, Poland. He earned his Ph.D., in Sociology in Social Inclusion and Social Movements from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. His professional background and educational experience has led him to several academic teaching opportunities in community, private and public institutions of higher education. Early in his career Dr. Sibilski worked as a photographer and reporter for a leading sports magazine in Poland. Prior to that taught physical education at the elementary and high school level. He has served as a liaison for the Government of the Republic of Poland, and been instrumental in helping to implement several innovative public policies in the area of sports and disability. In 2012 he was presented with the Inspiring Jewish Journeys Award for Education while teaching at the Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC.