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Lilian Pena Pereira Weiss

Water & Sanitation Specialist

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Lilian Pena P. Weiss is a Senior Water Supply and Sanitation specialist at the World Bank, based in Washington DC, USA. She has been working for over 14 years with World Bank operations, mostly in Latin America countries and more recently in East Asia. She has led over 10 WB-financed investment projects in water sector, mostly focused on the rural water and sanitation sector. Lilian has also worked with water sector reforms, institutional strengthening of water utilities, environmental sanitation topics, community-driven development (CDD) and water and sanitation access for Indigenous peoples. She was the co-chair of the World Bank’s Rural Water Thematic Group from 2012 to 2015. Lilian is a Brazilian national, civil engineer, has a master in water resources management and environmental technology, and has a MBA in financial management.