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Marcus Holmlund

Senior Economist

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Marcus manages DIME’s unit on Gender, Economic Opportunity (including work in health, education, and social protection and jobs), and Fragility. He is a Senior Economist and he specializes in the use of real-world impact evaluation and experimentation for policy design in collaboration with governments and works across several sectors to promote the rights and wellbeing of marginalized and poor populations. His current work centers on improving skills and jobs for vulnerable groups such as youth living in fragile or violent contexts or forcibly displaced persons, on building household and community resilience, and on social and economic integration of forcibly displaced persons. Marcus leads DIME’s program on preventing, adapting to, and recovering from Fragility, Conflict, and Violence and co-manages a large external collaboration with the World Food Programme and a country research program for Burkina Faso. Prior to joining the World Bank, Marcus worked with the Colombian Red Cross and with NGOs in Ecuador and Paraguay. He holds an MA in International Economics and Development from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, a BA in Economics and Management from Oxford University, and began his professional life as a snowboard instructor.