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Maria Cordeiro

Senior Transport Specialist

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Maria Cordeiro is a Senior Transport Specialist at the the World Bank's Transport and ICT Global Practice. Maria contributes to the Green Transport Community of Practice in the identification and deployment of low-carbon and climate resilient transport solutions; as a focal point on greenhouse gas accounting for the transport sector; supporting access to climate finance; and in the preparation of knowledge products on green transport.
Maria has over 15 years' international work experience in the fields of climate change, air quality, and sustainable mobility. Prior to joining the Bank, she was a Section Manager at the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi, UAE. As part of the Policy and Planning team, Maria supported the development of government strategies and policies such as Abu Dhabi’s air quality and climate change strategies, Surface Transportation Master Plan, Low Emission Vehicle Strategy, vehicle fuel economy standards, among others. Maria also worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Resources Institute, and other international institutions. She has helped shape low-carbon investment portfolios in the transportation sector and contributed to flagship events and publications like Transforming Transportation and UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook – West Asia Regional Report.
A Portuguese national, Maria has a Global MBA from IE Business School, a MSc on Integrated Environment Control from Nottingham Trent University, and a BSc Honors on Energy and Environmental Technology from the University of Glamorgan.