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Max Thabiso Edkins

Communications Specialist, Connect4Climate

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Max Thabiso Edkins was born in Lesotho and grew up between Lesotho, Germany and South Africa. He completed his undergraduate in natural science, conservation biology and economics and holds an MSc in environmental change and management from the University of Oxford, where he focused on renewable energy, climate change mitigation, and the role of businesses and media. Max has worked as a marine biologist and ecologist in southern and eastern Africa and as a renewable energy specialist advising climate change and energy policies in South Africa. He is also a photographer and filmmaker. He initiated and coordinated the ClimateConscious Programme and he was involved in the international Why Democracy? and Why Poverty? media campaigns. He is passionate about the environment, and he enjoys combining communication and science to solve development challenges. Since January 2013, he has worked as the Climate Expert on the Connect4Climate Program of the World Bank Group.