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Paul McClure

Senior External Affairs Officer, World Bank

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Paul McClure leads efforts to ensure editorial quality in the World Bank’s media outreach and strategic messaging.  Before joining the media team, he led the Bank’s digital governance practice and spearheaded its approach to development topics. At IFC, Paul served as chief of editorial services, producing five editions of the annual report. In the Bank’s publishing department, he originated A Guide to the World Bank. As an associate fellow of Slovenia’s Center of Excellence in Finance since 2008, Paul has partnered on behalf of the Bank Group to deliver written communications training to finance ministries and central banks in southeast Europe. He has also conducted editorial training at the Joint Vienna Institute and the Austrian National Bank. He joined the World Bank in 1999 after five years at Congressional Quarterly, where he managed the Washington Information Directory and developed reference products. Paul holds a B.A. from Yale University and a Ph.D. in English from Cornell University.