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Renata Giannini

Senior Researcher, Igarapé Institute

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Dr. Renata Giannini is a senior researcher at the Igarapé Institute where she oversees the organization's Women, Peace and Security Area. She held a Fulbright scholarship during her doctorate studies in the United States and has carried out multiple consultancies on issues related to the women peace and security agenda, sexual violence and international peace and security in Brazil and in Latin America. Renata was involved in the drafting of Brazil's National Action Plan (NAP) and held a seat at the inter-ministerial working group tasked with the responsibility of implementing Res.1325 in Brazil. She has participated in various workshops and validation seminars coordinated by organizations such as the UN and the OAS on gender, peacekeeping and multidimensional security in the hemisphere. She has also carried out field work in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, including Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti. Her latest publications are on gender mainstreaming in security and justice, children`s perception of violence, gender based violence in urban settings,  women in peace processes and women in defense and security forces.