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Robert Oelrichs

Senior Health Specialist, World Bank

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Robert Oelrichs MD, PhD, MPH, an Australian, joined the World Bank in 2006, where he is Senior Health Specialist in the Global Practice for Health, Nutrition and Population, based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is the Task Team Lead (TTL) on the National Immunization Support Project (NISP). He is also team leader for a range of lending operations, Trust Funds and analytic and advisory services globally, with a current focus in Pakistan and the Philippines. He has a background in clinical medicine, medical research and public health, particularly in developing countries of South East Asia and was Wellcome Trust visiting research fellow at the Thai Red Cross, Bangkok from 1999 to 2003. Immediately prior to joining the Bank, he was based for three years in Cambodia working with a joint US/Australian program providing technical assistance to the National Institute of Public Health. Prior to this he was Senior Research Fellow at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne with research interests in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Indonesia and Viet Nam.