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Shahram Paksima

Senior Education Specialist

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Shahram Paksima is a Senior Education Specialist currently in the South Asia Regional unit of the World Bank’s Education Global Practice. He has over 19 years of professional experience working with governments, aid agencies, community-based, national, and international NGOs, and higher education institutions on improving education quality. He specializes in planning, policy, and decision support; school leadership, school effectiveness, and change management; curriculum and student assessment; technical and vocational education; and monitoring and evaluation. Most recently he has been supporting ECE, primary school, and human capital investment projects in Pakistan, and on technical and vocational education in Afghanistan. Prior to that he worked on teacher and leadership effectiveness in Egypt; on education sector assessments in Libya; on system and region-level education leadership capacity building in Saudi Arabia; improving secondary-level vocational education in Slovakia; supporting large-scale education sector reforms in Kuwait; and school education reforms in Nigeria.

Prior to the World Bank, he worked as a technical advisor on education projects in Egypt, Palestine, and Oman—where he also later worked as a resident education expert with the Oman MOE from 2009-2010. And in his earlier career, he worked on education and community development projects in Africa (Mozambique and Uganda), Asia (India), Eastern Europe (Romania and Ukraine), and Latin America (Dominican Republic and Mexico).