Srinivas Gurazada

Srinivas Gurazada

Global Lead, Public Financial Management

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Srinivas Gurazada (Srini) is the Global Lead, Public Financial Management (PFM) at the World Bank and is based in Washington DC. He is responsible for synthesizing global knowledge on PFM to help Governments implement fiscal policies effectively. 

His expertise and interest include budget reforms (including Programme  budgeting), revenue mobilization, accounting and financial reporting (IPSAS) reforms, internal controls, audit and conducting diagnostic assessments (PEFA, TADAT, PIMA, SAI – PMF, ROSC, PERs etc). He has over 25 years of experience in Public Financial Management and Governance having worked in the civil services of  Governments of India, Oman & the United States, several United Nations organisations and the World Bank.   He chairs the Accountability & Oversight Institutions Community of Practice of World Bank, with specific focus on Supreme Auditing Institutions. He is the Convenor of Financial Management Technical Working Group (FMTWG) in the health sector and is a core member of UHC 2030. 

Srini speaks at various international fora and is regularly blogs and tweets on Governance and Institutions issues in developing World.