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Syed Mohsin Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN)

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Syed Mohsin Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN), has worked in the microfinance sector for more than a decade. Mr. Ahmed has been instrumental in the evolution and growth of the PMN and of the industry by building partnerships with the regulators and apex and creating synergies between its members and the players in the financial inclusion ecosystem. Along with the support of the Board and hard work of the management team, PMN has developed a diversified revenue model that will help in its growth and long term viability.  
Mr. Ahmed is a qualified Management Accountant; he has taken executive courses on leadership from the Harvard Business School, a Financial Risk Management course by the Citi Foundation and Women World Banking and a diploma course on Microfinance at the Microfinance Training Program in Boulder, Colorado.
Mr. Ahmed was involved in developing a strategy for growth with the State Bank of Pakistan (The central Bank) that was approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Ahmed has also been involved in the development of micro insurance strategy with SECP, highlighted issues around risk management and worked with the PMN team and the stakeholders for the establishment of MF Credit Bureau, Disaster Management Fund and Responsible Finance Initiative. Mr. Ahmed is a firm believer that and enabling policy environment is the key to the success of a vision and hence has expertise in areas of developing strategies for increasing access of financial services at the Base of the Pyramid.
Mr. Ahmed was the Chairman of the BoD’s of South Asia Micro-entrepreneurs Network (SAMN) in its formative stage and helped to address issues of governance and identification of its core activities in discussion with the Board and management team. He's now the honorary CEO of SAMN.