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Thomas Bossuroy

World Bank Sr. Economist

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Thomas Bossuroy is a senior economist at the World Bank, where he works primarily on social safety nets and employment programs among the poor in West Africa. In addition to managing operations in Sahel countries, Benin, Nigeria, and Togo, he leads a range of analytical activities and experiments on employment and in livelihoods programs. In particular, he is managing several impact evaluations of skills development programs, productive inclusion strategies, and school feeding programs. His research also focuses on innovative service delivery strategies in health care, with a focus on combating tuberculosis in India. Prior to joining the World Bank, Thomas was a research fellow at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), where he evaluated national business development programs for the poor and vulnerable. He started his career as Executive Director of J-PAL South Asia, based in Chennai (India), where he oversaw randomized controlled trials and managed a growing organization with presence across India. After dedicating his doctoral research to the dynamics of social and political structures in Africa, Thomas received a PhD in Economics from the Paris School of Economics.