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Thomas Moullier

Senior Urban Specialist

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Thomas Moullier is the former global coordinator of the Building Regulation for Resilience Program at the World Bank. In this role, he worked with governments, private sector and technical organizations to reduce disaster risks by promoting a safer, more accessible and sustainable built environment in low and middle-income countries. This effort builds on the implementation of standards for safe land use and construction through more effective interventions of national and subnational institutions.
Prior to this, Thomas worked for the World Bank Group’s Investment Climate Department where he advised governments and private sector on regulatory governance, focusing on administrative reforms, reducing costs of regulatory compliance, and increasing transparency. He participated in the launch of the IFC green building EDGE Program by providing support to the deployment of its regulatory component.
Thomas previously worked for the European Commission in the Middle East & North Africa region where he led large-scale advisory and technical assistance programs to support the development of national conformity assessment and regulatory institutions to spur trade and economic development.