Tigran Shmis is a Senior Education Specialist of the World Bank in Moscow office. He holds a specialist degree (2001) as a school teacher of computer sciences and economics, after graduating the University he completed the postgraduate study in educational ICTs and holds a PhD (candidate of sciences) degree (2004) from the Russian Academy of Education. Later he completed a MEd (2007) program of the Moscow branch of the University of Manchester on Management in Education and Educational Policy.

Tigran works under educational projects in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Romania, Serbia and Peru. Among those projects are: the Yakutia Early Childhood Development (ECD) project, Russian Education Aid for Development (READ), Khanty-Mansyisk ECD infrastructure development technical assistance, Kyrgyz ECD project, Belarus Education Modernization Project and Serbia ECD project, technical Assistance on Safer Schools development project in Peru. He cooperated with UNESCO and OECD, as part of this cooperation Tigran joined and organized several conferences, workshops and reviews arranged in Russia and Kazakhstan on the topics of ECD and learning environments.

Areas of research and professional interests are ECD, innovative learning environments, and international assessment work. Tigran leads a work on innovative learning environments, ECD quality initiatives, and capacity building of Russia in international development aid in education.