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Utz Pape

Economist, Poverty Global Practice, World Bank

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Utz Pape works as Economist in the Poverty GP with a focus on post-conflict and oil-rich countries. He actively contributes to the development of new methodologies for data collection and uses technology in innovative ways to improve data quality especially in the context of low field supervision. He uses the collected data to link economic shocks with their impact on the livelihoods of people with the goal to propose policies to decision makers that create resilience and mitigate negative impacts on the poor. He also designs surveys and analysis tools for understanding livelihoods of displaced populations to inform durable solutions based on quantitative evidence.


Before joining the World Bank, Utz Pape lived in South Sudan working for an international policy think tank. He holds a BSc, MSc and PhD in Statistics as well as a Magister (BA+MA equivalent) in Philosophy from the Free University of Berlin with affiliation to the International Max Planck Research School. He also holds an MPA from London School of Economics and Columbia University’s School of International Affairs. His research is published in high impact journals including articles in Nature.