World Bank Youth Summit 2023: Bringing Youth-led Local Solutions to the Global Scene


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2022 Youth Summit delegates at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC Photo: World Bank
2022 Youth Summit delegates at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC Photo: World Bank

The Inter-Parliamentary Union report of 2021 on Youth Participation in National Parliaments places at least 50% of the world’s population at under 30, yet only 2.6% of the world’s parliamentarians are under 30. This clearly shows that youth are under-represented in the decision-making process within their local communities and globally, and yet it is crucial to give them platforms to pursue engagement and make their voices heard. The World Bank Group (WBG) Youth Summit is one way to do it.

The World Bank Group Youth Summit is the largest annual gathering of youth organized by youth at the WBG to engage globally in the most pressing issues facing our generation. Back for the tenth time now, this year Summit’s theme From the Ground Up: Local Solutions to Drive Global Impact wants to bring local solutions, local voices, and local changemakers onto the global scene to focus on three critical development challenges: Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; Climate and Energy; and Jobs and Skills.

Within this theme, the Summit wants to honor the perspectives of indigenous people, marginalized communities, and rural women by demonstrating how their knowledge and expertise can play a role in addressing some of the most critical global challenges we face and reinforce the role of youth in leveraging these local solutions and making them global to help achieve the WBG’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and fostering shared prosperity.

Delegates develop solutions for the Case Challenge at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC in 2022. Photo: World Bank
Delegates develop solutions for the Case Challenge at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC in 2022. Photo: World Bank

When I first attended the Youth Summit as a delegate in 2019, I was struck by how empowering and inspiring this event was for youth. It not only promoted dialogue between the youth, the WBG, and other key stakeholders, but it also encouraged us to dream big and explore innovative ideas to address development challenges and change the status quo. Every single delegate I met, from the Republic of Congo to Australia, was inspired and driven to develop ideas that would make an impact in their communities and globally as well.

Each segment of the summit is tailored with this objective in mind from the Case Challenge, a facilitated workshop that invites delegates to work in teams to develop solutions on cases based on real WBG projects to the Pitch Competition, which gives young innovators a platform, regardless of their professional background, to submit action-oriented solutions to address development challenges. And many more segments, including a live artistic performance and Lightening Talks, a new addition to this year’s summit, that gives the floor to our delegates to pitch their ideas to a global audience.

Announcing the winner of the 2022 WBG Youth Summit Pitch Competition at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC. Photo: World Bank
Announcing the winner of the 2022 WBG Youth Summit Pitch Competition at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC. Photo: World Bank

Last year the Pitch Competition winner, Stanley Anigbobu, who presented a renewable energy project powering rural communities and schools in Nigeria (LightEd), went on to win the Diana Award and other prestigious prizes. There are many more success stories stemming from the Youth Summit, including my own. I, who joined the Summit as a delegate wishing to make an impact within my community and learn from my fellow delegates, ended up building long-lasting friendships and working with a team of stellar young professionals to make this event a success and bring even more youth voices to the global stage. With the Youth Summit, the WBG shows its unwavering support for youth and empowers them to be actors of change.

Honestly, this is one of the best events I have attended in my whole life. What a great opportunity! The event has really opened up my mind to a whole new perspective on life. Thank you so much World Bank Youth Summit.
Hiqmat Sungdeme Saani
Ghana, aged 20
I attended the youth summit in person and first I must say IT WAS A WHOLE VIBEEEE. I was mind-blown, from the reception to the conversations to the people present, and then the steering committee! I love how there were no uptight walls between the steering committee and we, the delegates, it meant a lot! I enjoyed all the talks from speakers, the interactions, and the vibe. The diversity was everything.
Nkpoikana Meyen Etukudo
Nigeria, aged 29
Undoubtedly, the summit was worth coming to and I left fully charged and inspired to do more and contribute to global sustainable development. Thanks to the World Bank Group and the organizing committee for this life-changing opportunity. It was worth every minute of one's time.
Alieu Sowe
The Gambia, aged

This year’s Youth Summit will take place, online and in person, in Washington DC on May 25 and 26. Between 300 and 500 delegates aged 18 to 35 are expected to attend and more than 5,000 to participate online. And, with some of the sessions due to be live streamed on World Bank Live and social media in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, more than 265,000 people are expected to be tuning in this year.

To learn more about the 2023 World Bank Group Youth Summit or register to attend, visit our website or send an email to



O’Neall Massamba

World Bank Group Youth Summit Manager

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Moses Gilbert
July 14, 2023

My desire is always be part of diplomats and bringing solutions to every youths within this universe by empowering and strategizing them on the basis of life for them to endure and pursue their goals and ambitions... I hope when this chance is guaranteed to me I'll do my best and I'll learn more concerning the youths and building up my network and connection and making friends who helps youths to understand that challenges comes with time and they are lessons mend to build our future...

Ebey Abdellahi N'dehey
June 13, 2023

I would like to share to my thougts that cand youth in the developement countries to progress. There are many ways in which young people in developing countries can be empowered to contribute to progress and development. Here are a few crucial ways:

1. Education: Access to education is one of the most important tools for empowering young people. Education provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, and to contribute to their communities and societies. Investing in education, particularly for girls and young women, is critical for reducing poverty and promoting economic growth.

2. Empowerment: Empowering young people with the skills, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed is essential for progress. This means providing them with access to healthcare, education, training, and job opportunities, as well as the tools and resources they need to start their own businesses and pursue their own ideas.

3. Technology: Technology can be a powerful tool for development, particularly in areas such as healthcare, education, and agriculture. Providing young people with access to technology, and the skills to use it effectively, can help them to innovate, create new solutions to old problems, and participate in the global digital economy.

4. Youth participation: Engaging young people in the development process is essential for progress. This means involving them in decision-making processes, and providing them with opportunities to contribute their ideas and perspectives to the development agenda. When young people feel that their voices are being heard and their ideas are valued, they are more likely to become active and engaged citizens, and to work towards positive change in their communities and societies.

John Ajony
June 13, 2023

How best can Kenyan solve the controversial talks of tax revenue that has brought a lot of controversial talks in the country

Peris Muchiri
June 13, 2023

Yesterday session was very insightful, listening to other young change makers on innovative solu6that will bring development.