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Useful Reading on Africa: Links of the week for Sept. 4, 2009

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Here is some good reading on Africa:

- As Africa grows richer, there are reasons to be pessimistic about its ability to capitalize on the benefits of a reduction in population growth, says The Economist. One reason is that one in two Africans is a child, which means that traditional ways of caring for children in extended families are breaking down.

- Did you know that the IMF not always preaches tight budgets? Hugh Bredenkamp, Deputy Director of the IMF’s Strategy, Policy, and Review Unit explains why this is the case sometimes in the IMF blog.

- Sudanese Blogger Roving Bandit argues for stopping aid to Africa since there are other ways to help that are more economically efficient (trade, migration, security, technology)

- A new blog called "Bill Easterly Watch: Just Asking that Bill Stop Blowing Over Straw Men" has been launched by a group called "Students To End Extreme Poverty." As they put it, they created the blog "because criticizing without providing solutions is counterproductive".

- The blog Afrigadget explains how in Kinshasa, smart mechanics came up with a little stove fueled by an electric fan powered by Chinese batteries. It serves its purpose.

-Bob Lucas' response to the Economist's claim that the global economic crisis calls for rethinking the foundations of economics.


Shanta Devarajan

Teaching Professor of the Practice Chair, International Development Concentration, Georgetown University

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