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Your Comments on Africa's Successes

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The African Successes post has generated a vigorous exchange of ideas.  I appreciate receiving your comments on the study, your suggestions for success stories, and your views on development approaches that have worked and those that have not.  

Many of you felt, as I do, that we need to highlight Africa’s recent successes.   Your responses voiced strong support for a focus on education, knowledge and dissemination, health, private-sector development, agriculture (irrigation and fertilizer), community-level development, governance, infrastructure, and information and communication technology.  

Your unique experiences and observations provided valuable insights.  Some of you questioned the usefulness of transferring successful models.   Whether you agreed or disagreed with the thrust of the study and its approach, your comments were thoughtful and provided a basis for further discussion and discourse. 

Thank you for contributing to the rich discussion on development achievements and successes in Africa. 
As we progress with the study and develop in-depth case studies, we will post them on this blog and other websites.  I look forward to continuing this robust exchange of ideas and experiences.


Shanta Devarajan

Teaching Professor of the Practice Chair, International Development Concentration, Georgetown University

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