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An important event in my life

This blog was written by a Yemeni journalist Bashir Hazmi who participated in the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings 2012


My visit to the United States to attend the World Bank's Spring Meetings 2012 in Washington, D.C. was an important event in my career. It has opened up a new horizon for me and allowed me to take a closer look at American society and how it deals with other nations, particularly developing countries. It has also offered me a chance to get acquainted with the World Bank’s work and efforts in supporting various countries, including Yemen.  I had an opportunity to meet with some World Bank experts at the sidelines of these meetings, where I talked to them and listened to some aspects of the World Bank’s work, interests and its role in Yemen’s development.  I had a glimpse of the World Bank experts’ keen interest in Yemen and the reality of its condition. They are very eager to extend their hand to help it through its crisis. This is translated into World Bank programs and projects in Yemen in a number of important fields and its widescale efforts to mobilize more financing to cope with its growing needs.

My participation in a number of World Bank organized events during the Spring Meetings illustrated its role and efforts in supporting the peoples of the region and the world in its fight against poverty. It also revealed the Bank’s support to  governments to reach sustainable development that meets the needs and aspirations of people, particularly in poor and developing countries.

The Spring Meetings welcomed special Yemeni attendance comprised of government officials, civil society and media representatives. They actively participated in debates and offered valuable perspectives during various events.

My invitation to the Spring Meetings helped to recognize the importance of media in development. I believe this represents an important starting point for a partnership with media. During our meetings, World Bank officials made this clear to me by expressing their willingness to promote and strengthen the relationship with media. This would allow the Yemeni media to benefit from the World Bank knowledge, expertise, and upcoming opportunities.I genuinely believe they are serious about it.This is going to be the first of many opportunities that will benefit Yemeni journalists in areas such as training in reporting skills, English language and other areas that are of interest to Yemeni reporters.

This visit, albeit a short one, will remain in my memory and will impact the future.

We know that the World Bank’s interest in Yemen is not new. Rather, it dates back several decades and will expand and grow over the years. Its outlook will remain open and promising towards a better future.

Before my participation in the World Bank's meetings, I really did not expect its significant interest in Yemen. I did not realize the extent of the World Bank's role in supporting Yemen, let alone its role in other countries around the world. As a reporter, I have kept constant communication with the World Bank, as a strategic partner of the Yemeni government. However, I admit that we, the Yemenis, ignore many important things the World Bank is doing for Yemen and for its development – in helping its people to achieve a respectable livelihood. I became acquainted with this fact during my visit and stay for several days attending the events, witnessing what the World Bank is doing for others.

I noticed during these meetings the strong attendance and wide representation of Yemenis at the World Bank in its headquarters and in its field office in Sana’a. They could prove to the whole world, through their distinguished performance and efficiency, that Yemen can produce great men and women. Such people are the best proof.Yemen must feel proud and consider them our best ambassadors at this international institution. That our country would reap the fruits of this in the form of improved World Bank performance and interest in Yemen in the present and future. They will, no doubt, help in the development of their country.

I would like to express my thanks and respect to the World Bank and its staff representing all nationalities, whom I saw working tirelessly as one team for many hours for our countries and peoples.For them, we extend salutation, appreciation and praise.

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