Fred Krupp: Emissions trading limits carbon pollution & harnesses the power of the marketplace

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Fred Krupp is the president of the Environmental Defense Fund, one of several civil society organizations supporting a price on carbon. He spoke ahead of the UN Secretary-General's Climate Leadership Summit about how a price on carbon could bring shared propserity and economic growth.

"Shared global prosperity requires robust economic growth without the carbon pollution of the past. To drive this transformation, we need both limits on carbon pollution and a price on carbon. We want to take these decisions out of the hands of faraway, well-meaning government officials and put decisions on what needs to be done into the hands of countless businesses and individuals who are closer to the information they need, to decide what is the most cost-effective way to cut carbon."

"The Environmental Defense Fund has long advocated emissions trading because it gives you both the limit on carbon pollution and the price on carbon pollution that harnesses the power of the marketplace. The true test of a carbon price is whether it delivers not only the cuts in carbon pollution but also the innovation in jobs that we need to sustain low-carbon growth."

"There is an urgent need to get on with the action and put limits and prices on carbon pollution so that we can ensure a future not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren."


Fred Krupp

President, Environmental Defense Fund

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