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A friend sent me the link to “One Minute to Save the World”, an interesting campaign that is inviting one-minute films from people across the world who care about climate change. The organizers are offering £1,000 as first prize for the best film, and there’s a nice line-up of films already. The panel of judges is a qualified one, and includes a number of well-known names, from Shekhar Kapur, Oscar-winning director, to Franny Armstrong of The Age of Stupid fame.

There are dozens of short films already posted on the site, definitely worth a look. You can vote on them too. Many are from the UK, but some are from further afield. Among the latter is an understated but effective video message  from the Talaandig tribal community of Mindanao in the Philippines. “The earth is very important to us”, they say, “because it is our flesh”. The Talaandig will be at Copenhagen in December, praying for world leaders to protect the earth. Another film that caught my eye was from Senegal – a straightforward first-person account of floods and flood-related suffering, simply called “Wet Feet”.
There’s less than a week until the deadline for the competition, so if you have something to contribute, you can register your film on their website.


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