Storify: Who Supports Putting a Price on Carbon?

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Forward-thinking leaders from across business and government are speaking out in support of a price on carbon to lower climate-damaging emissions and encourage clean-energy innovation. Many work within carbon pricing systems found in more than 60 countries, cities, states, provinces, and regions – including seven local carbon markets in China – and they see positive effects in places such as British Columbia.

Businesses today understand that they must assess their supply chains for climate risk. A formal price on carbon provides market certainty for better decision-making and climate-smart investments for the future. That's why more than 250 corporate leaders, including Unilever, Ernst & Young, GDF Suez, Swiss Re, Statkraft, and Vattenfall, have expressed their support for pricing carbon through the Putting a Price on Carbon statement, and the list is growing. 

Learn more about how carbon pricing works, about corporate support for climate pricing, and the benefits of climate action to communities through better health, reduced energy use and increased jobs and GDP.


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