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Friday round up: Antipoverty policies, academia and the developing world, inequality redux and five questions for 2014

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Martin Ravallion's NBER working paper titled 'The Idea of Antipoverty Policy' is now accessible online and provides a long view on how the narrative around poverty evolved from the 1800s til now.

America's war on poverty turned 50 this week and Nick Kristof has a column titled 'Progress in the War on Poverty.'

A Free Exchange post draws from a paper by the WB's Quy-Toan Do, Jishnu Das and others in the JED. Their research analyzes the tendency of academic research to focus excessively on the US and to under-study the developing world.

John Cassidy has a blog on The New Yorker's website titled 'Good News and Bad News About Global Inequality.'

AFDB's president Donald Kaberuka writes on 'The Inequality Nightmare' in Project Syndicate.

In '5 questions on the world economy to be answered in 2014' Sudip Reddy of the WSJ highlights what he thinks needs to happen to get on a speedier growth path and put the sluggishness behind us.

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