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Friday round up: Basu on India, Krugman on age of bubbles, Egypt, Syria and Cash transfers

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Kaushik Basu on the world economy and India's rough patch, during a visit there.

Paul Krugman on how India and some of the other BRICs hitting a rough patch in his piece titled 'This age of bubbles.'

Egypt needs truth and reconciliation, says Hafez Ghannem, via Brookings.

Syria's refugee children will ultimately be left to rebuild their country, says aid worker Cassandra Nelson, writing as the UNHCR just estimated that 1 million kids have now fled from that war-torn country.

Direct cash transfers to the poor are discussed in a post by Chris Blattman, following coverage of direct cash giveaways by charities in Kenya and elsewhere in the NYT Sunday Magazine as well as on NPR.

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