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Friday Round up: Development economics on Freakonomics, a new lecture by Kaushik Basu, Research Digest, and the clout of migrants

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Freakonomics Radio has a one-on-one interview with President Jim Yong Kim on his role at the World Bank, and the latest World Development Report on ‘Mind, Society and Behavior.’
Several media outlets have been reporting on port closures in the US’s West Coast stemming from labor dispute between dock workers and shipping lines.  The New York Times reports on the impact on Chinese New Year celebrations across the country.

Patrick Chovanec, chief strategist and managing director at Silvercrest Asset Management, argues in Foreign Policy that Germany’s chronic trade surpluses lie at the heart of Europe’s problems

In a wide-ranging lecture, Kaushik Basu discussed trends in global development as part of a semester-long conversation at Georgetown University on “The Global Future of Development.”

The FT’s Beyond BRICS blog assesses the economic clout of migrants from the world’s poorest countries.

The current issue of the Research Digest showcases some of the World Bank’s recent Policy Research Working Papers on East Asia and Pacific region

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